Monday, January 21, 2013

Cornel West: Obama & MLK's Bible

I've always been bothered by the way some people use and twist the legacy of MLK for their own gain. Rarely do they represent the same values he stood for. Reverend King fought for the dignity and freedom of ALL people. He spoke of unifying them rather than dividing them. He did not pit one race or class against another. He did not portray himself as a victim. He did not merely point fingers. He gave his life to be a part of the solution rather than exacerbate the problem. Reverend King had a dream, not an agenda. Cornel West get's pretty fired up here, and seems to shock everyone with his position. I love the expression of Tavis Smiley at the end. "You mentioned the children.. and that's a good segue..."  Yes, I bet it is. 

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